Scent Descriptions:

Caramel: Warm and sweet melted caramel

Cocoa Mint: Chocolate & mint come together creating a fresh sensation

Lime: Mouth-watering zesty lime

Orange White Chocolate: Fudgy white chocolate infused with creamy orange citrus

Peppermint Cream: Cool and exhilarating Peppermint meets the pure and creamy sweetness of vanilla

Raspberry: Sun-ripened raspberries

Raspberry Lemonade: A serenade of sweet berry and tart lemonade.

Spearmint: Spearmint

Tea Tree & Lemon: Tea Tree with a citrus twist. Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties make for a soothing application to dry, cracked lips

Vanilla Bean: Warm vanilla. A gentle but distinct scent

Watermelon: Crisp and ripe watermelon fresh off the vine

Wild Cherry: Pick yourself a handful of cherries and imagine life in simpler times


Size: 5g

Lip Balms by Pure Anada